why wo we get a brain freeze from ice cream

Brain Freeze From Ice Cream

Many theories exist behind the brain freeze caused by consumption of Ice-Cream. Recently it was found out the actual reason it happens. The rapid change in size of size of blood vessels due to a sudden extreme shift in temperature in the roof of the mouth particularly the back of the roof in the mouth.

Whenever, you stick something cold in your mouth and eat it quickly it rapidly cools the palate of your mouth, such as eating an ice-cream or having an ice cold drink. This affects the nerve clusters located just above the back of the roof of the mouth. This nerve center includes nerve clusters which send signals to the brain about changes in the body temperature.

Now whenever you eat anything cold it sends signals to the brain that body lost a lot of heat, which results in rapid contraction of blood vessels in your head. Shortly, the temperature of the palate of your mouth goes back to normal and the blood vessels end up rapidly dilating. This all happens quickly, but due to the rapid contraction and dilation of blood vessels an extreme pain, often in your temples, forehead, or sometimes even in your face itself happens. This ends up creating a very similar pulsing sensation that many people experience when they get migraine headaches.

Bonus Facts

•Most brain freezes last up to 30 seconds and in rare cases can last up to 5 minutes.
•Since most of them are short, still to have quick relief you can press your tongue against the roof of the mouth. This will heat up your palate quicker.
•These are common amongst only 1/3 rd of the humans.

This article was updated on July 27, 2017