surfing a new trend in india
surfing in india

Surfing a new trend among Indians

India is witnessing a steady rise in the number of surfers. India now has at least 60 professional surfers, including eight women. Supporters say the rise in the number of surfers, training courses and schools is a positive sign. What they now want is steady support and recognition from national sports authorities. PencilFlow decodes it all for you.

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What is this new trend?

For many in India, surfing is a new concept, and but the growing number of participants and visitors who come to the sport indicates a growing awareness.

Surfing is now a popular adventure sport, with students and professionals from cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai making for a quick getaway.

International Surfing Association (ISA) is the governing body for surfing in India. India's coastline is dotted with at least 20 surfing spots. Indian Open of Surfing, which was a grand success organized by the body.

What is involved in Surfing?

Surfing mostly consists of paddling, you will need to paddle to get out into the lineup, get out of harm’s way, and most importantly — to catch a wave. It's a cardio excercise essentially. Paddling for hours will ensurely increase your endurance and tone your muscles. In particular your arms, shoulders and back are the main muscles targeted by paddling.

Balancing and postioning are the next most important things, which engages you from head to toe. Your core muscles are required to manuever succesfully. Proper positioning also helps helps while you surf.

Finally, a great deal of leg strength is important for maintaining yourself on the board. You wouldn't want to be knocked down from a surf board right ;)
All in all, surfing is an adventure sport and needs strength, flexibility and endurance.

Adventure sports in Olympics?

The Internation Olympic Sports Committee has included surfing for Olympics, 2020 in Tokyo. International Surfing Association (ISA), it boosted the popularity of the sport.

India is also witnessing a growth in the sport. Competing globally is on every Indian surfer’s mind, especially after surfing was accepted as an Olympic sport for the 2020 games in Tokyo.

Hurdles for India in Surfing

At this point, an Indian Olympic bid in surfing seems like a rare possibility given the nascent stage of the scene, it is not impossible.

For one thing, surfboards can be quite expensive, with a beginner-level board costing approximately Rs 30,000.

For another, the waves in India are not as challenging as the waves seen in places like Australia and Hawaii.

Surfing is a bit different from other sports. When you play other sports you get better while playing tougher opponents. But, in surfing waves are your opponent. To be competitive you would need to practice in tougher conditions to excel in the sport.

Bonus Facts :

  • Jack Hebner, brought surfing to India while visiting India in 1970s
  • Excercise improve your mood and relive stress. 

This article was updated on July 27, 2017